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12th December 2003

Jelly King writes:

hey guys, luv your fact i had a similar idea a while back but putting hundreds of 75kg concrete hippos on shops didn't really seem feasible. I just threw bricks instead...

Anyhoo, i reckon if there's one thing that the world needs, its more inanimate plaster objects on top of streetlamps. Keep it up!

Cripes, my hippos were never that hungry

There's gnodoubt that Blackwood is a much friendlier place with gnomes about  Although it's obvious that some people out their feel the need to destroy these cute little guys, it's great that the gnome frown-police have returned in force to see in the summer  How can you possibly be glum when there's a 9 inch man with a red hat and strangely coloured trousers looking down on you?  Do you think this guy would be frowning if he could see this atop his computer?!  I think not!

I apologise to anyone who misunderstood what I meant by "9 inch man" - Yes, I meant inch as in imperial measurement of length  I hope that clears everything up

I'm not going to write the rest of Jelly King's comments here because he hurt my feelings  Besides, if he strikes me down, I will become more powerful than he could possibly imagine!

I'm sure updated news will be at hand gnomentarily!

10th December 2003

Y'know I'd tried to steer around the gnome pun thing as much as I could - but what the heck - from now on their will be gnomercy!

Ken and Heather have some questions:

Where have all the gnomes gone?

They have gone where gnoman has gone before.  *snigger*

I was thrilled to see their return and counted 20 in the Blackwood area. Then the next day there was only one left, yesterday it was still there, not saying where though, just in case you dont' know.

According to my sources there are still many gnomes in active duty!  Thou shouldst consult the interweb Page Of Gnowledge

Big question did you the people who put them up take them down again or have we got some gnome 'nabbers' in our midst? It was a nice visit while it lasted, I hope they come again.

Nabbers?  Nabbers is to subtle a word, downright gno-good gnongins is what they are!  Don't just hope - donate!

Boring old 'santa's' just dont' have the same appeal do they?

Gnot at all!  Santa's got the right idea with the beard though  And the hat

gnomeforthedole writes:



The resurgence of the gnomes in Blackwood have convinced my partner and I to adopt a gnome for our home. We have been to numerous gnome adpotion centres, such as K-Mart, Skinners, Coles, Mitre Ten and Big-W.

Bless your heart

I am glad to say, that with the resurgence of the gnomes in Blackwood, most gnomes have been adpoted. Good on you citizens of the southern side of Adelaide for adpoting gnomes in unprecidented numbers.

'Tis indeed a phegnomenon!

We too have adpoted a gnome, his name is Haggis O'Malley, and now patrols our garden scaring the crap out of the Crows in our neighbourhood. Feral little buggers they are too...

Haggis wants a bazooka or a ak47 for christmas so he can shoot them, but we gave him a pickaxe instead. He looks forward to cleaving anyone who mucks with his garden beds.

We look forward to the pictures!

Haggis also wants to know if his brothers and sisters are planning a big shindig before X-Mas in Blackwood. He would like to meet his extended family.

Anticipating the movements of gnomes is by gnomeans easy  This guy might be able to tell you, though

6th December 2003

media page updated with an article from the December 2003 edition of The Blackwood Times

4th December 2003

Great news, you can now donate gnomes  I hope you will take the opportunity to help out the Gnome Rangers in their quest to Keep Blackwood Gnomed

Adelle writes:

"I love the gnomes1 they make blackwood special and unique and i dont understand why anyone would have a problem with them. its a great adventure for all ages trying to spot them and pondering how they reachd the heights they have. GO GNOMES!"

I don't understand either, Adelle

Anonymous writes:

Hmm I thought I would give you a hand, try looking in Hawthorndene for a few extra Gnomes

If anyone spots the Hawthorndene gnomes, please record their locations and let us know  (pictures would be great!)

Chris writes:

Whats the big deal about a few gnomes? they arent causing any harm or damage to anyone. if anything they are getting publicity for the busineses. To the gnome rangers: You are legends and keep up the good gnoming. i look forward to seeing all the gnomes replaced plus new ones added!

So far I haven't received a single complaint or bad word about the gnomes  Everyone seems to agree that the gnomes are just a bit of fun; even Constable Lambert  I hope that whoever is responsible for their removal realises this and decides to leave the gnomes in their rightful places - High among the commercial buildings of the Blackwood District

Gnome Luva writes:

You should put up way more around blackwood You should also list the businesses that want to be gnome free zones so that people will stop going there and they will have to accept gnomes Basically i love them how old are you people btw

So far I haven't received a single complaint or bad word about the gnomes.  Everyone seems to think the gnomes are a bit of harmess fun, including Constable Lambert  I suspect the Blackwood Gnomes are being removed by destructive, unsavoury characters, but I really don't know

Are we talking human years or gnome years?

3rd December 2003

Gnoming Code Of Conduct added to

Updates to the media page

Melissa writes:

Dear Gnome Raiders,

I love the gnomes and so does my 5 year old son!!!!!!!!. I have to be careful not to have an accident because I am busy trying to spot them.

Could you please tell me where to buy them (they are so cute) because my son has asked Santa for one for Christmas.

Keep them coming and curses to those who destroy or remove them.

You could try dropping in to Skinners and asking if they have any  If they don't; they should!  It is rumoured that gnomes not unlike those found in Blackwood can be obtained here  Gnomes make excellent gifts at Christmas time!

Peter writes:

Thankyou for bringing some simple , clean fun and enjoyment to our weekend walks around the beautiful suburb of Blackwood.

A very pleasant afternoon walk can be spent Gnome spotting and smiling when one is located. Thankyou

Thanks, Peter.  It is sad that so many gnomes have fallen in such a short time, but I know that it's comments like yours that make the Gnome Rangers want to keep Blackwood Gnomed!

2nd December 2003

The status page has been updated to reflect many of the gnomes that are confirmed to have been lost  A transcript of "The Bald Brothers" interview is now available here

John writes:

Love the little critters. The Blackwood Hills dwellers should expand this movement and cover the entire district with gnomes. What a fantastic sight. We would be gnome famous and people would come gnome spotting from everywhere. Encourage all residents to buy one (or more) gnomes and place in strategic sites. Boo to businesses who reject gnomes. We should boycott them. Promote gnome friendly businesses who welcome our little friends. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your comments, John  The Gnome Rangers think it would be great if Blackwood residents took it upon themselves to display gnomes prominently on their homes/businesses  They would, however, like to make it clear that many of the gnomes around Main Road, Blackwood that are lost were removed in a matter of hours on a single day  It is believed that the business owners themselves were not responsible in many or all cases  I think it would be unfair to punish local Blackwood businesses because of the disappointing actions of others

As far as gnome-friendly businesses go, nothing has come close to John Messer (different John) of Blackwood Sound  I hope all local residents will consider Blackwood Sound for their Hi-Fi/music needs!

27th November 2003

media page has been created

All known gnome locations have been added to the status and images pages  Sadly, many gnomes have already been lost  A full casualty list is still being collated

26th November 2003

The Blackwood Gnome forces make the radio!  Gnomes everywhere tune in to 891AM (most of them were already listening - they love The Bald Brothers!)

Our crack Bothan photography unit *still* hasn't returned with photos  We're sending another

16th November 2003

Reports flood in of a newly established cloned gnome army establishing a presence throughout Blackwood and its surrounding areas