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Do you enjoy spotting gnomes?  Would you like to the gnome cause?  Purchase one or many gnomes, name him or her, write a short message or story and attach it to your gnome/s  We would advise against donating treasured gnome friends, as we can make no guarantees about the safety of donated gnomes

All gnome/s will be forwarded on to the Gnome Rangers and the name, story and location of your gnome/s will be published here

John Messer of Blackwood Sound has kindly agreed to accept gnomes on behalf of the Gnome Rangers - on the condition that they are not stolen

If you live in Adelaide, why not purchase a garden gnome or two and drop in to Blackwood Sound? (map)

If you are not a local resident, send your carefully packaged gnome/s to the following address:

Gnome Rangers

c/o Blackwood Sound

2-6 Coromandel Parade


South Australia, 5051