Update2 - 20th August 2015 has received yet another statement from The Gnome Rangers:

Contrary to what has been reported by Yahoo7, The Gnome Rangers have not declared war, there is no dispute regarding responsibility for "the gnoming phenomenon", nor are there any plans in place for a "retaliation gnoming mission" This is an unfortunate and inflammatory misrepresentation of our statements.

While we did not choose to name specific people or organisations in our video statement, many people (including our own media liaison at have pieced together the source of our concerns as well as the source of the recent gnoming incidents.

As previously stated, The Gnome Rangers hope that the community continues to embrace the humble garden gnome - we only wish to express a desire that those who follow in our footsteps conduct gnoming in an anonymous and socially inclusive manner - free of the politics of business group allegiances and commercial self-promotion.

The Gnome Rangers.

The statement was issued in response to what one contact within The Gnome Rangers described as "a hyperbolous article" published by Yahoo7 this morning:

Yahoo7 - Garden 'gnoming' war brewing in Adelaide Hills suburb understand that the statement was also provided to Channel 7 late today in an attempt to correct misconceptions surrounding the Yahoo7 article. Channel 7 Adelaide broadcast the following story this evening:

Other reporting from today:

ABC News - Anonymous Gnome Rangers provoked into statement against 'commercialisation' of legacy

Update - 20th August 2015

In an unprecedented action, The Gnome Rangers have for the first time made a public (though agnomynous) appearance - gatecrashing a Channel 7 Sunrise interview with Totally Locally Blackwood head honcho Heather Holmes-Ross

Update - 19th August 2015 has received a public statement from members of The Gnome Rangers:

This is in stark contrast to a written statement provided by The Gnome Rangers last week and forwarded to media outlets on request:

We are delighted at the community response to the reappearance of gnomes in Blackwood this year, most especially because we are not responsible for these silly acts.

It has always been the objective of The Gnome Rangers not only to commit acts of silliness ourselves, but to inspire them in others. We confess to a measured sense of pride in knowing that our mission has given rise to a community-led resurgence of gnome-related whimsy. We hope that the community will continue to embrace the humble garden gnome as its preferred roof ornament for many years to come. For as long as that is the case, our work here is done.

The Gnome Rangers.

Contacts within The Gnome Rangers remain tight-lipped about what specifically has raised their ire (and seemingly brought them out of retirement and back to the silliness game). Given the content of The Gnome Rangers' video statement, revelations of exclusionary gnoming practices and the use of gnoming for commercial marketing purposes - recently revealed on the ABC 891 Drive program - are likely to be contributing factors:

ABC 891 Drive - Excerpt

ABC 891 Drive - Full segment

Other reporting of the latest gnoming outbreak:

Messenger East & Hills - New mystery: Garden gnomes appear on roofs and signs in Blackwood

ABC News - Mysterious gnomes start appearing across Adelaide Hills in middle of night

It is unknown when The Gnome Rangers will be meeting, what action they might take or when, but the following predictions are offered: eventually, something silly, when they get around to it.


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