Blackwood Gnome Rollout 2003

Bringing gnomes and the community closer together

November 16, 2003.

Blackwood awakens to a gnome occupation.  Although exact numbers are unknown at present, it would seem that that this latest gnome incident is the largest force of gnomes ever before seen in the Blackwood area.

March 18, 2003.

Well it's been a long time since the last update. There's something that needs to be said:

Gnoming war memorials is not cool

Those involved in the BGR2003 condemn the gnoming of war memorials.  I sympathise with any people out there offended (as I am) by such a thoughtless and senseless act.

Now, this all came about because of an article published by Michelle Read on page 3 of this week's Hills & Valley Messenger.  I should point out that at no time did Michelle Read contact me or The Gnome Rangers to verify the facts of her story.

"The memorial gnome was the latest stunt by an anonymous group calling itself Gnome Rangers, which began placing gnomes atop buildings and signs in Blackwood and Glenalta last month."

I encourage people to email Michelle Read, or call her on 8294 9899 (Wednesday) or 8347 5722 (Thursday and Friday) and ask her to officially retract her accusations in print.

And now for the good news!

Crossing Gnome appears to have taken a vacation!

"Just a quick note to say that I'm alive and well.

Sorry for running off and not saying good bye, however when you see your family being picked off by senceless hoons it's time to hit the road and look for a safe place to reside.

To date I've viewed the world from Murray Bridge, however believe I may again need to move on for safety reasons.

Will write again soon, when a safe place is found!"

We're so glad to hear that Crossing Gnome is safe and well.  He was even kind enough to send us a happy snap!  Further, Crossing Gnome told us:

P.S. - My cousin has also gone to ground, however has found a site high above belair to make his home in the near future.

... has anyone seen / photographed the mystery gnome relocation?

I still enjoy reading your positive comments:

Love the gnomes around Blackwood and surrounds. We're (my teenage daughters and I) are concerned about the one at the BP at Belair. We think it is still there but blown over in the wind. Can you stand it up again?? And what of the others?? We would like to contribute to your mission in some way - maybe a small financial donation, help with purchasing gonomes or whatever. We think it is a really valuable contribution to our community. Keep up the good work!

My sources tell me that the gnomes were firmly affixed to their posts.  If you can only see half a gnome then... (I'll try to break this gently so as not to scare the kiddies)... it must, ipso facto, half not be...

While your offer of gnomes/money is generous indeed, The Gnome Rangers have no plans to re-gnome Blackwood in the near future.  They have in fact (and I could have told anyone that had asked me this) not operated in Blackwood since January.

March 1, 2003.

It is with great regret that I must announce the recent destruction of two more gnomes - Water Gnome and The Senior Gnome.    As foretold by many, Crossing Gnome has outlasted all others.

"Goblin Nidri" writes

As a long time resident of the hills, this little goblin would like to complain about the apparent favouritism shown towards the gnomes. When will it be the goblins turn to bask in the love and adoration of the blackwood community? Is it because us goblins are naughty and ugly instead of cute and helpful that we are not considered as worthy as gnomes? does not discriminate against goblins.  Far from it in fact -  a friendly goblin can currently be seen on GnomeCam

February 25, 2003.

Congratulations are in order for Blackwood Sound who have apparently re-gnomed their own premises.  Perhaps as a community we should treat the constant vandalism of gnomes with equal gusto and perseverance that anti-graffiti programmes demonstrate - Replace the gnomes as soon as they are removed and eventually the vandals will give up!

I think Feb 20th's spelling of humour is really funny .....Only 2 gnomes left....maybe you should find a sponsor !!

2 Gnomes left?  My last count shows three survivors (four if you include the re-gnoming of Blackwood Sound)  If this is your idea of humar then I'm not impressed.

"The Gnome formerly known as..." writes:

"I write to offer my full support to the gnome cause.

For too long now, the gnome has played a back seat to creatures such as "the cat", "the dog" and "the bird fountain" as far as housing ornaments are concerned.

I think it is a positive step for the gnoming community to expand its repetoire and branch out into the business community.  (They have been!  Most of the recipients of BGR2003 were businesses!  - Ed)   I understand that there are those in the gnoming world that are opposed to this type of expansion but I maintain that these groups are archaic and 'has beens' and are probably the same groups that in the past have famously pushed for the White Gnome Policy and the Detention Centres for Naughty Gnomes.

As the Great Smurf, Gordon IV said "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

Community resistance against Detention Centres is strong, but what else are we to do with Alabastian Refugees?

Gerome Pixie offered:

"What you are doing is only the start. Ahead lies Mitcham Council, State Parliament House, Canberra, the United Nations and ultimately the White House. Then we may have peace."

We're way ahead of you (and Kofi.)

February 24, 2003.

"Do you guys need any more members for your group?if you do im who your looking for.and i might have imformation about the gnome from the doctor next to Pizza Haven."

Send your resume!  Or get a real job!

"Please keep them coming. I think it is great fun and I love trying to spot them. We all need some friviolity in these rather stressful days."

Thanks for your comments.  "Keen Gnome Advocate" writes:

"I am writing to commend your work, bringing gnomes and the community closer together around the Blackwood area. I am a keen gnome collector and an advocate for the notion that gnomes can make a difference. If everyone was to display a gnome or two in their front garden, the world would surely be a better place.

In appreciation of your efforts, I would like to donate one of my favourite garden accessories to your cause. Whilst I guess not a gnome within the strict definition, "Mog" is certainly a fine specimen of decorative cement.  Please advise as to where she should be placed."

In the alternative, I would like to know whether you would be interested in franchising your gnome operation to other metropolitan areas within Adelaide.

On a different note - i am attempting to locate a collectors' edition "dancing dwarf" gnome. If you have one or know where I could acquire one, please let me know."

Digger wrote: (edited for readability)


Apparently, tree gnomes have populated Lulworth Place in Flagstaff Hill.  Does anyone have any photos?

February 23, 2003.

Belair Gnome has expired, his maker gone to meet has he,

This brings down the number of surviving gnomes to three.

Let me know who you think the surviving gnome will be!

"hi, I'm just saying thanks for putting the gnomes up, they're cool. Blackwood is fairly boring looking and the gnomes add something a bit different :). Will you be putting any more up? Please do, I've been sad to see them disappearing."

"i was wondering if the gnomes were planning on getting back out onto the streets of blackwood any time soon ?? i really miss seeing their sweet little innocent faces peeping out from the roofs of buildings on my way home from skool. my deepest sympathy also goes out to the coles gnome who met a grave death after falling from great hights while doing what he loved the most. rest in peace. yours, bushman dan."

I'm sure all of you would like to see the Blackwood gnome population returned to its former glory as much as I would.  After so many gnomes were kidnapped or murdered in such a short space of time, The Gnome Rangers must consider whether repopulating Blackwood is in the best interests of the Gnomes themselves.  It is no good bringing gnomes closer to the community if the community mindlessly slaughters them!

February 22, 2003.

Gnomes hit google!

Some interesting comments from a contributor calling himself "Gnome Chomsky"

"It's nice that the Gnomes are inciting laughter in the local human populace... BUT don't forget that it is the Gnomes that are having the last laugh. It is a well known behavioural pattern in Gnomes to respond to being spotted by laughing and fleeing. Hence the insightful song by David Bowie, "The Laughing Gnome" HA HA HAAA! HEE HEE HEEE! I'm a Laughing Gnome and you can't catch me! If the lyrics of this song are anything to go by, I expect that the missing Gnomes will be found living in the chimney and dining on caviar and honey. ( Oooh Weee! )"

Incidentally, this is what David Bowie would look like if he were a gnome

"It's fantastic to see that someone is finally doing something FUN to beutify the Adelaide Hills area. Now if only the govt./councils can catch on, & get to work on some other eyesores around our fair city!! (or do the Gnome Rangers need to have a recruiting drive? <hint>)"

From what I know of The Gnome Rangers (which isn't much) they are a fairly tight-knit bunch of people.  While they are flattered at your offer to join, they respectfully decline.

"I just want to congratulate you on how grat the idea of putting the gnomes up around Blackwood. The first time I saw them I started counting them and I found 15 (including snow white) Keep up the good gnoming!"

"Hey i think its great what you guys/girls are doing.

I secound that you should put one on retreat house at St.johns and one on a very high place eg, water tower(belair) or Signal tower.

Ive been a resident of the Blackwood area for ages and im just wondering are you the same guys who put the first Gnome up on BP about 3-4 years ago? Legendary stuff!"

BP has been the subject of interest for The Gnome Rangers for some time.  They were beginning to think that no-one had noticed!

Thanks again for all your comments.  Keep 'em coming!

February 20, 2003.

More comments from visitors:

"Well done to all involved. You have brought joy and entertainment to many people. May you also be blessed and receive back some of the many smiles that you have help create."

"I was a child of the 40's and gnomes could be found everywhere inside and outside of homes.Every home should have a gnome and I have one.They are a source of amusement for young and old and I applause the Blackwood Gnome Brigade for bringing a little warmth and humour to our district.I hope the community get behind your good intentions and perhaps as time goes by, we could have a "blessing of the gnomes" festival or something similar and put Blackwood on the gnome map of the world."

It never ceases to amaze me what fantastic ideas you all have for the Blackwood district.  This has been said before, but you really should put forward your ideas at the next council meeting!  Of course, you could contact the council directly!

"good work guys its good too see that the comunity still has a sence of humar.....with all the dealings involved with the niebourhood watch and what not i thought that this district had lost its sence of humar...great work! i hope too see many more gnomes around the place.... i hope that poeple can leave them alone and stop stealing them....."

Sadly, vandalism is a problem everywhere.

February 19, 2003.

The BP Gnome has gone missing.  Eyewitness reports indicate he was last seen adding ethanol to petrol bowsers.

More comments from visitors:

"Good on you guys for spicing up the lives of Blackwoodians! Because of you, people, including myself, are enjoying the thrill of a secret society in lil old Blackwood - and it's bringing the community together. Who knows, maybe one day Blackwood will be known as the Gnome Zone as Lobethal is known for it's lights. It could even help the tourist industry - does this fact make it a viable issue to discuss at a council meeting?! Keep it up!"

At the risk of appearing to be "off with the fairies" - great idea!  I'm sure Mitcham Council would love to hear more.

"Coles gnome#2 unfortunatly met with a tragic fall, or did he jump, or worse was he pushed. If you look in the side carpark the small pieces are still there. I have enjoyed looking at them and think they provide a sense of fun. Also very pleased to hear that none are stolen."

Tragic indeed - Perhaps the Brave Coles New World was just too much?

"Is the gnome placed high up in Banner Hardware at Blackwood an imposter? He appeared there about 2 weeks ago. Keep up the good work!"

"i think you should release a cd to accompany your picture portfolio.....Better Be Gnome Soon?...Gnome, Gnome on the Range..Theres no Place like Gnome? its just a thought ( a very stupid one i grant you)....keep up the good work"

This House is Not a Gnome?  Bad To The Gnome?  Sweet Gnome Alabama?  Until we get the recording studio organised, you'll have to make do with this and this

February 18, 2003.

"Gnome Rangers" article appears on front page of the Hills & Valley Messenger (added to media page)

Since The Messenger published the address for this web site, many visitors have submitted their thoughts on the contact page.  Here are some of them:

"Your gnomes are a refreshing light relief to an otherwise dismal news world. Even our own retirement village manager found a small gnome in one of her pot plants and so placed in on one of our own signs. It's catching! Don't stop."

I'm sure the Gnome Rangers will be glad to hear about Blackwood's latest Gnome addition.  Do you have a photo?  ps: It's not all bad news!

"train spotters, plane spotters get a life come to Blackwood become a GNOME spotter just 20 minutes south of the GPO

watch out for prince charming for when he arrives i'm sure snow white and her seven friends will make an appearance please more GNOMES"

"HAH i got the blackwood sound ones"

How can you sleep at night?

"Thankyou for bringing some light hearted entertainment to Blackwood. In such a troubled time we are having with the threat of war etc. it was great to have a happy encounter. Both my children and myself have thoughly enjoyed the gnome visit and hope they return.(happy to donate gnomes or funding)"

"I wish to thank you, the 'Gnome Rangers' for placing the gnomes atop buildings and in high places. It bought a sense of community spirit to Blackwood and made us feel as if we were blessed. I say to hell with the tea-totelling beaurocrats! Keep up the colonization!"

"good on you people its about time some breath and life was put into stale arse blackwood"

Perhaps you should raise your concerns about Blackwood and offer some suggestions for improvement at the next council meeting?

"Hey There,

How cool would it be if there was a gnome at Retreat House Belair. All of the students of the school would go crazy. I think you should consider it!"

"Just a quick question to ask how you put the gnomes on top of such high structures?"

The Gnome Rangers use specialist equipment.  Don't try this at home!

February 16, 2003.

Both Blackwood Sound Gnomes (replaced after the original Gnome was vandalised) have been destroyed .  5 Gnomes remain.

February 12, 2003.

The last two remaining high-visibility gnomes have been removed - The Belair Drive Thru, and City Discount Tyres.  As far as the main strip is concerned, only the Blackwood Sound imposter-gnome remains.

The quickening is almost upon us.

February 11 2003.

I received an anonymous email from the contact page today:

"Do you drive a white car?"

For the record, the mystery van is mostly green.

February 6, 2003.

The perpetrators involved in BGR2003 wish to make the following statement in response to various media coverage.

We of the gnome-distributing community wish to express our dismay at the implication that the gnomes involved in Blackwood Gnome Rollout 2003 were stolen.  All gnomes were obtained legally.  Receipts can be provided (if you can catch us.)

For the record, 26 gnomes were involved in Blackwood Gnome Rollout 2003.  To our knowledge, only 6 remain.  In the spirit of recycling, we request anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of these missing gnomes to come forward.

Our gnoming endeavours are performed in the spirit of fun and we are thankful that most members of the community can appreciate this.


February 5, 2003.

"Gnome Alert" article appears on front page of the Hills & Valley Messenger (added to media page)

"Gnomes appearing in strange places" is discussed on 5AN 891 radio.

January 2003.

Blackwood Gnome Rollout 2003 commences!  Handpicked gnomes are purchased and lovingly placed in positions of prominence around the Blackwood district.