Blackwood Gnome Rollout 2003

Bringing gnomes and the community closer together

Here, we honour Gnomes currently in service and those those retired from duty.

Active Retired

Crossing Gnome on holiday Hungry Gnomes
  Coles Gnome #1
  Coles Gnome #2
  The Mighty South Aussie
  Ivor Gnome
  City Discount Gnome
  Belair Bottlegnome
  Mobil Gnome
  Conversational Gnomes
  Book Exchanging Gnome
  The Razzle Dazzle Gnome
  Banker Gnome
  Billboard Gnome
  The Fresh Gnome
  Post Gnome
  Bountiful Harvest Gnome
  Blackwood Sound Gnome
  BP Gnome
  Belair Bhavan Gnome
  The Senior Gnome
  Water Gnome
  Blackwood Sound Gnome *

* Blackwood Sound was re-gnomed.  The image is of the original gnome