Statement from The Gnome Rangers

October 2006

The Gnome Rangers are a small band of gnomers, dedicated to bringing the joy of gnomes to the community. It has been too long since gnomes have graced the skyline of our fair hills suburb. We were somewhat disappointed at how quickly many of our gnomes were taken down last time, but we feel that this should not deter us in our mission. It has been reported to us that some businesses in Blackwood have replaced gnomes that were removed from their buildings. We hope this is a trend that continues.

We let gnomes roam free to bring a smile to the faces of local residents. The simple pleasure of looking up and seeing a smiling face looking back down is what gnoming is all about. Pensioners, small children and everyone in between seem to get a kick out of them and the overwhelming positive public feedback from the last gnoming of Blackwood inspired us to continue the tradition.

Gumeracha has the Big Rocking Horse. Kingston has the Big Crayfish. Blackwood has Small Coloured Ceramic Men and we call on the businesses and residents of Blackwood to keep it that way!

The Gnome Rangers