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We still have two out of three gnomes surviving watching over us, and clearly the most superior gnome on top of the Bose sign. We love him!

The team at THE FISH BOWL love the gnomes, thanks for including us in your latest gnoming adventures.

Our real estate office Ring Partners are happy to report two gnomes in residence on our roof. Check them out when driving up or down Shepherds Hill Road.

The Jacobs Tyres gnome looks like it is there to stay! Keep up the good work!

could our office have some more gnomes on the roof? the more the merrier! (Ring Partners)

Hey, what a fantastic thing you are doing for the community - in a very busy and stressful world you bring some happiness & lightheartedness to all (my kids love going 'gnome watching').  If I'm truthful so do I!!!!!  Viva la gnomes!!!!

I love your work. Keep it up and don't let the anti- gnomers discourage you. You lighten & brighten up our lives.

Please raise funds for the "fallen comrades" and have them restored.  Go Pharkadee!  God bless the Gnomes

Thanks for lighting up Blackwood and surrounds. Thanks for making me smile. Thanks for your sense of humour. This is what life should be. Thanks

I have the "Coromandel Station crossing" Gnome as mentioned in "Episode II Attack of the Gnomes". He is well and likes his new home in Coromandel Valley as the freight trains were giving him migraines. He often pops into The Duck Inn for a beer. He is also looking forward to a relocation to Tasmania in the new year with us.

keep up the great work gnomers! you do us proud up in these here hills.

hahaha i just love it! Blackwood is somewhat bleak most of the time.. but the gnomes give it some life! Thank you gnome rangers, goodluck & keep up the great work. hope to see more of it in the future!

Hey guys, Just letting you know, you guys are legends. I have a circle of friends and we like to do stuff around the community neighborhood to get noticed (in a good way :D)! When we saw your gnome acts we just sat there and said 'What ......en Legends' and we wish to become gnome rangers!

Great going guys!!!Life is so serious these days- thanks for bringing the "magic" back to the people.I hope you never get caught!

Great.  Keep the good work up.  It makes life a little more interesting to know someone is doing something for the fun of it.

what the hell are you doing how did you get on the buildings?

We have just moved to Coromandel Valley & think that the gnomes are fantastic!! We love going gnome spotting

what a bloody shame that hooligans can get off by shashing down harmless gnomes!!!  so many have gone "m.i.a" and i think its just diabolical. i say power to the rangers and send all the young violent kids to cuba. i hear there is a lovely holiday camp there for such people..

Will the gnomes be represented in this years Blackwood Christmas pagent? Being that they are now iconic and an obvious business relations phenomenon. Perhaps their float theme song could be specially written and performed by the Hill Top Hoods? A challenge perhaps????

Great work -makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier when I can tell my two year old we can go gnome spotting when we've finished. Thankyou for keeping the gnomes going, we love it.  I'm sure they'll be a bit of gnome kharma coming to those vandels

It's such a pity to hear that vandals are clearing the gnomes throughout Blackwood. I think it's about time you put out some more!!!

Rex Jory also did a piece on your gnomes in the sunday mail 29th october.

I love the gnomes.. the council posters are an absolute crack up!!! Did a double take and nearly wet myself I was laughing so much!!  Get rid of those rakes!!!!!

Go Gnome Rangers !!!

I'm a convert. I never used to see the point in placing the funny little coloured men in your front garden, it seemed, dare I say, tacky. But driving through Blackwood town centre and seeing the happy little chappies smiling down on all of us makes me giggle inside. Great idea keep up the good work.

Hey gnomers, you guys (or girls) rock! I have one query, are you by any chance ninjas? because cherry pickers would be hard to disguise and keep hidden. Anyway keep up the good work and don't get hurt gnoming!

The lovely gnomes bring a smile to everyone's faces - what a gift. We live in hope that when we arrive @ our shop each morning, we will find a little friend above our door! Thank you.

who puts the gnomes up? im watching :)

I went "gnome spotting" with my 4 year old brother the other day and he loved it, but was quite dissapointed when we went to do it again and a lot of them were missing. If there are people out there who are taking them down, then they are unblackwoodian. My brother thought they'd died of hunger and that the pizza shop man should have left scraps out

hey really love the work guys. great idea. its a pity people take them down...hopefully someday they will see the light. its amazing you have never been caught. must go about 4 in the morning or something. keep up the great work. :)

The gnomes provide me enjoyment while driving through blackwood. Must find them all :)

The gnomes from the 2003 operation are still in place on the coro valley shopping centre - is that some kind of record?

LOVE YOUR WORK PEEPS, ANZ signs one to be proud of. I have now found my new religion NOMEIZM. KEEP IT UP   puttin Blackwood on the map.

possibly the best idea anyone has ever had. truly a service to the blackwood hills community.

When there are soo many worries in the world, it's wonderful that you can bring a smile to grown-ups. Just please be careful - don't do yourselves injury so this wonderful community service can continue!

Fantastic to see the little blokes in the big hats and cheery faces have returned.  Always brings a smile to my face.  I always try to keep an eye out for my regulars in the morning to checkt that they're still ok.

Mitre 10 blackwood requests a few gnomes. Speaking to her about them the other day and how they were popping up and she said I wish we had some.

The gnomes are great.  My kids love looking for them every time we go to Blackwood.  Thanks heaps!!

the gnomes are the best thing in blackwood!! its unique and looks awesum.. it puts u in the spirit of christmas :)

i love the idea of the gnomes but make it spread EVEN MORE at blackwood soon therell  be more reviews keep it up gnomers and put a gnome at blackwood primary

i have only been in australia (blackwood) for a year so i missed the 2003 gnomes. i have to say this is the best public display i've seen even after spending 5 years in art school...

So much rotten news this year-Thanks Gnoming wags for giving us a reason to lol!

I love these gnomes and the entire concept of gnoming. You guys are fab! What a way to promote clean, harmless fun. As a long-time Blackwood resident I must say I'm quite dissapointed at the buisnesses who have removed their gnomes. Come on guys, show some old-fashioned community spirit! Let's take Blackwood gnoming to the very TOP!

AWESOME work with the gnomes! The gnome on the coles lamp post absolutely did it for me. There's no reason this couldn't spark off other gnome attacks elsewhere... It would be so cool if people could do their own attempts in other states/countries and send them to you.  Anyway, cheers - great to see people having some great harmless fun that gets people really talking!

Keep up the great work. Its good to see a tradition still going strong... Gnome Power

"well done. joy,  there's too little of it."

"Love your work!"

"From a Blackwood Old Boy: Congratulations on this morning's Channel 7 'Sunrise' story by Mel."

"Just writing in to let you know that your secret little agency was on tv today. Sunrise this morning showed footage of the blackwood shopping strip with all the gnomes perched atop the high buildings and clinics everywhere ... Keep up the good work guys and never stop what your doing."

"Good work ....  Go Wackyness :)  bring on good clean harmless fun!!!"

"How do you get away with it without getting caught. I think you's are amazing!"

"we think the gnomes are great and super duper.  We love the one on the sign of Shiraz court - we live right nearby so see it everyday.  Good luck for future gnoming."

"Congratulations on the Sunrise coverage. Go Churchill Gnome!"

"we love your gnomes! thanks for the entertainment, it makes a long boring drive so much fun; just like a 'where's wally' feature! keep up the good work!"

"vote gnomes! I vote for ALLOVEM!"

"Can they be friendly with terriers?"

Keep up the good work! My husband works for                   as an installer. He gets to drive around the area all day, so he keeps his eyes peeled for the gnomes. He was really thrilled to find one on top of his own work place! By the way, if you ever need any help in your mission give me a shout. I happen to know someone with a tall van and a ladder :)

There are gnomes appearing in Blackwood Park now!!!

I heard both Osama bin Gnomen and Gnome Bush were interested in running for a seat in your electorate.   You know 'War against Vandalism'

The lovely gnomes bring a smile to everyone's faces - what a gift. We live in hope that when we arrive @ our shop each morning, we will find a little friend above our door! Thank you.

What a great take on the world of gnoming!!! You guys have done an amazing job i hope that your latest exploits will encourage you to reach even greater heights. Thats what the people of this world need, everyones got a gnome smiling down on them!!

Hello, I'm keen to get involved in gnoming. I do urbex stuff and this would be awesome fun.

What a fabulous idea! It is the answer to stopping terrorisim.

World fame to come. Maybe then a Eurovision victory?

i live in blackwood and it's just so amusing when you have a walk around me and my friend saw 35 gnomes yesterday and we saw one broken one in the gutter of the ANZ BANK Building and it wasn't on ur fallen comrads might wanna check that one out and just another thing how the hell did you get that gnome on the lightpole at coles did you use a cherry picker cause thats just freaky and has anyone been caught yet?

wow, you guys certainly have the town talking, we even heard that you guys were a cult that were cursing the shops with your gnomes( we really did hey!!!).........but we just think that you are awesome. keep it up, it gives us a chuckle!!!