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"Unfortunately the gnomes that sat atop Coles Blackwood were removed today by the store manager.. that makes me kinda sad!  I liked going to work and seeing the happy little men sittin up there! can u please put them back? :)"

- Anonymous.  24/2/2009


"FEBRUARY 2009 Finally the gnomes are back! We think your gnomes are very funny especialy the mooning ones! We hate it when people destroy them. On the 18th we saw a bunch of people capturing one on top of the petrol station."

- Liv.  24/2/2009


"Well I must commend these guys on how sneaky they are. I work at Blackwood pizza bar, and all of a sudden looked up last night to find a little gnome just chilling on the edge of the roof. good going guys you got me."

- Anonymous.  24/2/2009


"Well done,  Gnome Rangers.  You have really lifted our hearts, as well as our eyes, as we try to count as many gnomes as we can on our way to school.  It's part of what makes living in Blackwood so special."

- Karen.  24/2/2009


"Hi Rangers, Ive been a big fan of your work for the last 18 years since I moved to Blackwood.  Thank you for making our Blackwood even more beautiful... Keep on Gnoming !"

- Russ.  24/2/2009


"Hey guys!!!  nice job with the gnoming tonight! we counted 42!!!!!

- Tom. 24/2/2009


"Saw you on Channel 7 news last night and then on 'The Morning Show' - Channel 7 today - I was so excited to hear that the gnomes are back - its been ages! Thanks for keeping me entertained with gnomes!"

- Anonymous.  23/2/2009


"... It's great to see they are back - someone in gnome-land has decided there is enough doom and gloom on the news each day and we need some comic relief.  To those spoilers out there who seem to thing it's a challenge to knock them off - How about we leave them alone this time and let them spread gnomely good-will, and put smiles on our faces as we look skyward?  After all I suspect they come in peace.  I'm very curious as to why it took so long for them to reappear this time."

- John Messer, Blackwood Sound.  22/2/2009


"hey guys, good job putting them back up if it was you again, love to if you have time to see that the site gets updated."

- Carly Messer, Blackwood Sound.  22/2/2009