The Gnome Rangers pass emergency measures

Due to the unprecedented financial crisis gripping Blackwood and possibly other areas, The Gnome Rangers held an emergency session in their secret headquarters last week.  Numerous strategies for combating the slump in business confidence were debated.  A raft of measures were proposed, designed to increase business confidence and general joviality.

Some have expressed concern at the radical outlay of porcelain.

Pharkadee Chicken, a member of the Inanimate Objects Committee described the measures as completely irresponsible.  "I tell you what, I care a lot about my inanimate brethren and I will not be bullied into an immediate deployment of ceramic edifices just because it suits The Gnome Rangers' agenda."

It is believed that Fricassee Frog (Member for Blackwood Pets) cast his vote in favour of the legislation in a late session of the Committee on Friday.  "There are no guarantees, but what I can guarantee is things would be a lot worse if the The Gnome Rangers had not acted in this decisive way."

An immediate rollout of 100 Gnomes and Frogs took place over the weekend in what is believed to be the first in a series of measures designed to combat the crisis.